The Right Things at the Right Times

As I try to determine what to focus my time on I’ve been experimenting with activities and how they influence my mood, energy levels and thoughts. Things like guitar practice, working out, yoga, singing/songwriting, podcasting, writing to watching Netflix, playing a video game etc. There are two things I want to learn about myself during this experiment. One, my interest level in each activity. This is so that I can properly hone in on what really serves me vs. what I think will serve me. What good is a goal or activity if your heart truly isn’t in it anymore or to begin with? Second, how much to do and when to do it. This is to uncover productivity vs. pointless hustle towards my goals. 

For example I find I quite enjoy watching a certain amount of Netflix to unwind but after about an hour and a half I become drained. My eyes become fatigued. I get restless and I’m not really enjoying what I’m watching. I also feel like I am wasting valuable time I could be using for other things. It’s no longer serving me. In the case of watching Youtube, I’m almost instantly drained after five minutes. I can’t stand it most times and therefore I know it’s just not for me. Now I know not to waste time doing it.

With working out I find that quick HIIT workouts at home right after work energizes me and helps me to enjoy my evening hobbies. Or to combat the afternoon energy slump I go for a long walk or do pilates. 

I’ve even started paying attention to social events. Anything during the weeknights is fairly draining. I usually don’t look forward to drinks on a Tuesday. My tendency is to lean towards my creative projects and outlets at that time. But if I schedule things for Friday night or Saturday night I’m excited about them and ready to enjoy a little social interaction. 

As I keep paying attention and become really aware of how what I do and when I do it and how it affects me, I can start doing the right things and give up the right things. This constantly changes depending on what is happening in your life and it’s part of the awareness work to figure out when and what you should focus on doing.