Book Review – The Debate

The Debate takes place at the Museum Fodor, Amsterdam, 1976.  Wim Crouwel – an objective, systematic and analytical graphic designer is paired with Jan Van Toorn – an expressive, experimental and socially critical graphic designer. They discuss graphic design education, the role of the graphic designer in society and their own personal views on the “right” graphic design approach. Let’s just say it’s a shame that the book has only been available in Dutch until February of 2015. You will find yourself siding with whoever is speaking, as both Crouwel and Van Toorn present valid points.

I am always unsure as to where I stand in society – do I objectively represent the information of the client without my own input? Is there room for expression in my work? Should I turn down work I don’t agree with or should I not let my own bias get in the way? If you are unsure of where you stand as a creative, or even if you are solid in your craft, this is a great read to see two sides of the same coin.

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